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Updated: 11 Feb 2024


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Look no further! In this article, We have gathered heartwarming tulsi vivah wishes, quotes, and status. You can explore love, blessings, and prosperity in this divine union. Let’s read.

  • “Wishing you a blissful Tulsi Vivah filled with the divine fragrance of love, prosperity, and everlasting togetherness.”

Tulsi Vivah Wishes

In this phase of joy, we bring you amazing Tulsi Vivah wishes to spread love and happiness on this auspicious festival. Let’s read.

tulsi vivah wishes
  • “May the sacred union of Tulsi and Vishnu inspire a lifetime of love and devotion for you. Happy Tulsi Vivah!”
  • “Wishing you a blissful Tulsi Vivah filled with the divine fragrance of love, prosperity, and everlasting togetherness.”
  • “On this auspicious day, may Tulsi Vivah bring harmony, joy, and abundant blessings to your life. Celebrate the divine union with heartfelt wishes!”
  • “As Tulsi and Vishnu unite, may your life be graced with love, happiness, and prosperity. Sending warm Tulsi Vivah wishes your way.”
  • “May the sacred marriage of Tulsi and Vishnu usher in a lifetime of joy, peace, and spiritual fulfillment for you. Happy Tulsi Vivah!”
  • “On this special occasion of Tulsi Vivah, may your life be adorned with the blessings of love, health, and prosperity. Best wishes for a divine journey ahead.”
  • “Wishing you a Tulsi Vivah filled with the divine presence of love and serenity. May your union be as sacred and everlasting as that of Tulsi and Vishnu.”
  • “May the divine bond of Tulsi Vivah bring forth abundant happiness, prosperity, and spiritual growth in your life. Warm wishes on this auspicious day!”
  • “Embrace the sacred energy of Tulsi Vivah, and may your union be blessed with unwavering love, understanding, and prosperity. Happy celebrations!”
  • “May the sacred marriage of Tulsi and Vishnu inspire your journey together. Sending heartfelt Tulsi Vivah wishes for a lifetime of love, joy, and fulfillment.”

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Tulsi Vivah Status

In this section, We have shared amazing Tulsi Vivah Statuses in English. You can express your spiritual vibes and celebrate the sacred union with these short and expressive status updates. 

Let’s Elevate your social media presence with the essence of love, blessings, and joy inspired by this auspicious occasion! Let’s read.

tulsi vivah status in english
  • “Embracing the divine vibes of Tulsi Vivah, where love intertwines with spirituality. 🌿💖 #BlessedUnion”
  • “On this sacred occasion of Tulsi Vivah, may the fragrance of devotion linger in our hearts forever. 🙏❤️ #DivineLove”
  • “Celebrating Tulsi Vivah with a heart full of devotion and a soul drenched in the blessings of eternal love. 🌺✨ #SpiritualHarmony”
  • “As Tulsi and Vishnu unite, let our hearts unite with the joy and serenity of this divine celebration. 🕊️💑 #SacredBond”
  • “Wishing you a Tulsi Vivah filled with the sacred symphony of love, peace, and prosperity. 🎶💫 #DivineConnection”
  • “In the garden of devotion, Tulsi and Vishnu dance, spreading the fragrance of eternal love. Happy Tulsi Vivah! 🌸💃 #CelebrateLove”
  • “May your life be as blessed and beautiful as the union of Tulsi and Vishnu. Happy Tulsi Vivah! 🌿💕 #DivineBliss”
  • “On this auspicious day, let the Tulsi Vivah celebration fill your heart with joy and your soul with divine blessings. 🌺🌟 #Harmony”
  • “As Tulsi and Vishnu come together, may your relationships be infused with the essence of love and spiritual connection. 🤝❤️ #SacredTies”
  • “Tulsi Vivah – where love meets devotion, and blessings bloom in the garden of the soul. Wishing you a day filled with divine harmony! 🌿💞 #CelestialUnion”

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Tulsi Vivah Quotes

In this section, We have shared heartwarming Tulsi Vivah Quotes. You can immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of these Tulsi Vivah quotes as we celebrate the divine union of Lord Vishnu and Tulsi. Let’s read.

tulsi vivah quotes in english
  • “In the union of Tulsi and Vishnu, find the inspiration for a love that transcends time and space. 🌺💖 #EternalLove #TulsiVivah”
  • “As the sacred basil marries the divine, let our hearts unite with the spirituality that Tulsi Vivah brings. 🙏✨ #DivineConnection”
  • “Tulsi Vivah teaches us the art of intertwining love, devotion, and spiritual harmony into the tapestry of life. 🌿💑 #SacredUnion”
  • “Blessed is the soul that understands the sacred dance of Tulsi and Vishnu, where love is a celebration of divine union. 🌸🕊️ #SpiritualLove”
  • “In the sacred garden of Tulsi Vivah, may your life bloom with the fragrant flowers of love, peace, and prosperity. 🌷💫 #Blessings”
  • “As Tulsi and Vishnu unite, let the fragrance of devotion fill the air, inspiring a journey of love and spiritual growth. 🌿💞 #DivineJourney”
  • “The sacred matrimony of Tulsi and Vishnu reminds us that true love is a union of souls, bound by spiritual threads. 🕊️❤️ #SoulConnection”
  • “Tulsi Vivah teaches us that love is not just a feeling but a divine energy that connects hearts in the most beautiful way. 🌺💖 #LoveBeyondWords”
  • “May the sacred vows of Tulsi Vivah resonate in your heart, creating a symphony of love, peace, and eternal joy. 🌿🎶 #Harmony”
  • “In the sacred verses of Tulsi Vivah, discover the poetry of love, the melody of devotion, and the beauty of a divine connection. 📜💕 #DivinePoetry”

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What is Tulsi Vivah, and why is it celebrated?

Tulsi Vivah is a Hindu ceremonial marriage between the sacred Tulsi (holy basil) plant and Lord Vishnu. It symbolizes the onset of the wedding season in Hindu culture and is celebrated to invoke blessings for marital harmony, happiness, and prosperity.

When does Tulsi Vivah occur, and how is it observed?

Tulsi Vivah typically takes place on the Ekadashi (11th day) of the Kartik month in the Hindu calendar. It involves the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant with an idol or image of Lord Vishnu. Devotees fast, perform rituals, and offer prayers to seek the divine couple’s blessings.

What are some traditional rituals associated with Tulsi Vivah?

Rituals include cleaning and decorating the Tulsi plant, performing a ceremonial wedding, reciting hymns and prayers, and offering various items like fruits and sweets. Devotees often light lamps and engage in devotional singing during the celebration.

Are there specific prayers or mantras recited during Tulsi Vivah?

Yes, there are specific prayers and mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Tulsi recited during the ceremony. Devotees may also chant hymns and verses from religious texts, expressing their devotion and seeking blessings for a harmonious and prosperous life.

How can I celebrate Tulsi Vivah at home?

To celebrate Tulsi Vivah at home, you can start by cleaning and decorating a Tulsi plant. Perform the ceremonial wedding ritual by placing an idol or image of Lord Vishnu next to the Tulsi plant. Offer prayers, light lamps, and partake in a simple feast. It’s also a time for reflection on the values of love, devotion, and spiritual unity.


To sum it up, Tulsi Vivah is a special Hindu celebration where we honor the marriage of the holy Tulsi plant and Lord Vishnu. 

It happens on Ekadashi in Kartik month and brings blessings for happy marriages and prosperity. 

By decorating Tulsi, saying prayers, and showing devotion, we celebrate the beautiful connection between us and the divine during this meaningful ceremony. 

We can also spread it on social media like Facebook posts, WhatsApp statuses, Instagram stories, and Twitter shorts. So why are you waiting now? Let’s spread. Have a nice Day. May your life be filled with love and laughter. Happy Tulsi Vivah.

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