Exploring the world of 4 carat oval lab grown diamonds

Updated: 13 Jun 2024



Diamond is regarded as being associated with beauty, luxury, and glamor which have been seen as priceless treasures. With the advances in technology, there is another product known as cultured diamonds or man-made diamonds that have cropped up which are more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds. And among all kinds of protagonists, 4 ct oval shaped lab created diamonds can be considered as the most striking in size, the most shape and absolutely ethical in production. So in this article we’ll be going through all the necessary and interesting information about those gems: about their origin, peculiarities and advantages.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

exploring the world of 4 carat oval lab grown diamonds 2

These are man-made diamonds that are grown in a laboratory using technology and take much shorter time to produce that naturally formed diamonds. They are termed as synthetic because of their methods of formation but they possess all the properties as those of natural diamonds and are almost impossible to tell physically or with the use of a loupe. The key difference lies in their origin: Coined as ‘cultured diamonds,’ cultured diamonds are created above the earth’s surface not dug out of the earth.

The Attraction of Oval Cut Diamonds

Such a gemstone form is preferred since they are oval in shape and they give off an awesome brilliance. The oval cut intensifies the fire and brilliance of the diamond and also it provides a nice outline too. This shape also provides more facets or flat surfaces than round diamonds for the same carat weight and it makes the diamond look larger. You would then might consider buying oval shape diamonds for engagement and wedding bands or for any fine jewelry piece since the cut has timeless appeal that is modern.

Understanding Carat Weight

Some of the concepts that are important when considering diamond include carat weight which is the size of the diamond. One carat equals 200 milligrams is an important metric that should not be forgotten by any amateur. Carat is one of the aspects of diamond that determine the price and the overall look of the gemstone. A 4 carat diamond ring is quite large and imposing and has a rich novant quality. It’s big enough to make a profound statement of decadent sophistication and glamor for women who fancy big time pieces.

Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds offer numerous benefits:Lab-grown diamonds offer numerous benefits:

  • Environmental Benefits: It is for this reason that lab-created diamonds are environmentally secure unlike the mined diamonds. They consume less power and water and they do not entail detrimental mining procedures as those prevalent in the old-fashioned gold mining.
  • Ethical Considerations: There are no negative social repercussions with man-made diamonds such as child labor, blood diamond, or funding of terrorism or rogue states.
  • Cost Benefits: In conclusion, they are less expensive than natural diamonds and are offered at a relatively better price for the same grade stones.

How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Made

There are two primary methods for creating lab-grown diamonds:With these above-stated points in mind, there are three known methods of creating man-made diamonds in a laboratory.

  1. High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Method: Diamonds are created under high pressures in the mantle of the earth and this operation somewhat copies the natural conditions. Carbon is squished and heated up to the degree that it turns into diamond or c. Facial carbon is compressed and heated to the point at which it forms a diamond.
  2. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Method: In this method, an actual diamond seed is placed in a chamber that contains carbon-based gas. The gas required is ionized and creates an environment that leads to carving of carbon atoms on the seed to form a diamond.

Quality of Lab grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are graded based on the same criteria as natural diamonds: These are the four factors that serve as guidelines to the choice of jewels: Cut, color, clarity, and carat (The Four C’s). Aside from that, they can reach the same polished quality as the mined diamonds, and many are even graded by credible gemological institutions to prove the quality and authenticity of the diamond.

4 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond: Key Features

A lab-grown diamond is as big as 4 carats oval. This type of creation is stunning for its size and for the oval form at the same time. These diamonds are one of a kind which makes them suitable for most kinds of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings etc for use in engagements. These diamonds have been causing a gradual steady uptake in the market, mainly because of ethical and environmental factors.

Selecting an Ideal 4 Carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond

When selecting a 4 carat oval lab grown diamond, consider the following factors:The specific actions that should be taken into consideration while choosing it are the following ones:

  • Cut: It also sets off the incurred diamond as it is the cut that increases its brilliance. Search for the cut grade that is excellent or at least very good.
  • Color: The highest category is the totally colorless diamonds, rated D-F, but there is nothing wrong with buying a nearly colorless one rated G-J as well.
  • Clarity: Clearness is the meaning of internal and/or external discoloration. Scrutiny for quality aims at a clarity grade of at least VS2 in a bid to foster a neat look.
  • Carat: Make sure that the diamond is 4 carats to fit your size requirement.

Customizing Your Diamond

Choosing a diamond that will suit your neck, fingers or any other body part that you want to put it on can be personalized to make it have a special look. Reflect on settings as concepts which focus on the diamond’s shape and particularly, its size. Solitaire settings, halo settings and witch-like looks belong to the offers presented by an engagement ring. Hiring the services of a jeweler to explain to him or her and make the jewelry piece of your choice is unique.

Care of Your Cultured Lab Grown Diamond

Proper care will keep your lab-grown diamond looking its best:The following principles will help you to maintain the gemstone you cultivated in a lab and make it appear beautiful:

  • Cleaning Tips: To clean your diamond you should use warm water mixed with mild soap and a very soft brush to clean it once a week. Do not use chemicals that may erode the stone: Their stone surface is very delicate and hence very sensitive to washing and has to be washed very gently.
  • Storage Advice: Diamond jewelry should always be stored separately in a different flask so that they do not come across other jewelries as this may cause them to be scratched. This is best placed inside a pouch just like the soft sided jewelry case where there are divisions that would make it easier to arrange.
  • Maintenance Practices: It is not bad at all to take your diamond to a jeweler for an inspection, at least on an annual basis this to ensure that the diamond is in its best condition as possible.

Lab created Oval 4 Carat Diamond to buy

Advice for buying: While purchasing a 4 carat oval lab grown diamond, it is advisable to opt for big and genuine brands which have a good reputation for the quality of their diamonds and their customer-oriented approach. In fact, it offers both online services and it is possible to shop in the building. The seller should guarantee certification from a reputable gemological institute and give specific details on returning the product.


An oval Lab grown diamond, 4 carats is huge, stunning, and perfect for people with an ethical inclination. These diamonds are more advantageous than their traditional counterparts because of the environment conservation and the cost …… Besides these benefits, no one would resist the charm or allure of these unique cut diamonds. If you need to buy an engagement ring, or just want to buy one unique jewelry item, it’s a good idea to have a 4 carat oval laboratory diamond.

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